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Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is a common tree service most homeowners ask from us. It involves planning and careful execution to have good results. The process of may not be too complicated but it requires skills and proper equipment. Our certified arborists have been in the business of eliminating trees in Silver Spring for years. We have eliminated every type of tree endemic to Silver Spring.

We begin our service with a complimentary on-site evaluation of the tree to be eliminated.  The evaluation will allow us to discuss and the approach we will use and the equipment that we need to utilize. The job may require heavy equipment but if the situation does not allow it, we can just climb the tree with our safety climbing harness. We can provide you with verbal estimate followed by a written quote with all the information regarding the process. The quote will detail the amount of the project as well as our insurance and licensing documents. Once the quote has been provided, we will be able to schedule the time and day for the service. 

Tree Removal Silver Spring

One of our crew members will give you a call on the scheduled day of tree removal to confirm our arrival. Our foreman will designate tasks to our team members including a branch cutter, ground crew, chipper, and lead cutter. We will use an organized approach to removing your tree. Whether with the use of heavy equipment or not, we will cut off the tree branch after branch. These branches will be lowered to the ground to reduce it to a more manageable size. We can cut the limbs into parts that would be ideal for firewood. The tree removal process ends with us chopping the tree’s main trunk to a size that is ideal for grinding. Our ground crew will maintain cleanliness of the site throughout the process.

When we are done with the removal, you can opt to grind the tree stump. If you choose to have it ground, we will cut it further for an easier grinding process. We will use our Vermeer stump grinder to handle the stump. Our team can put the wood away or we can pile them anywhere within your property. As we always do, we will take care of the tree debris to restore the cleanliness of the site. When we leave, you will not notice any mark of our presence aside from the tree that was removed.

This process may cost you some money and may affect the overall appearance of your landscape. However, it may still be the best thing to do to prevent it from causing harm to you and any nearby structure. If it is too close to your home, it can cause damage to your roof if a branch falls during a storm. Although tree removal may be a little costly, its benefits outweigh the price of the process. We will do our best to provide you service within your means.

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