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Stump Grinding

If a tree has been removed in your yard, then you know that an unsightly stump is the next thing you have to deal with. The good thing is, there are two options for you to choose from on how you want this stump to be removed. The first option is by physical removal using heavy equipment, such as a backhoe. The other option is by grinding it beneath the ground. Most often than not, homeowners choose the latter because of the minimal damage it can cause the site around the stump. Total physical removal is mostly used in large commercial developments that need foundation laying.

Stump grinding can be a messy and dirty task, but we can make it look smooth and clean. We are known for providing stump grinding service that is both clean and accurate that is why we are the go-to tree company in the area. When grinding a stump, we use our Morbark grinder and place it over the stump to work on it. Stump grinding requires the use of heavy equipment because of the elaborate process involved. You do not need to worry about the track left by our stuff because it will be invisible after only a few days. Further, damages to your property are minimal to none. We are experts when it comes to stump grinding, and we can promise you a well-executed grinding process.

When it comes to the difficulty of grinding stumps, different factors come to play. Age and size of the stump are typically the two most important factors to consider. New hardwoods are the most challenging to grind while Pines and Cedars, and other older conifers are easiest to grind. Whatever the size and age of your stump, we can remove them for you with the use of our advanced grinding equipment. Even if the roots system is shallow which will demand more planning and work, we will still be able to handle it expertly. We are experienced in the area of stump grinding, and we can make sure that the stump will be invisible after we have worked on it.

How We Grind a Stump

We employ a five-step process for stump grinding:

  • We will clear the area of rock, gravel and other dirt with the use of rake and shovel
  • Using a chainsaw, we will cut the stump as low to the ground to reduce the amount of stump to be dealt with.
  • We will place the grinder over the stump, approximately three to six inches and lower the cutting blades three inches from the stump. We will move the grinder  back and forth to work on the entire stump
  • We will go on with the process until the stump is three to six inches below the ground.
  • Finally, we will clear the site of wood chips, and we can also replant grass or do sod laying, depending on your preference.

    The whole procedure can take 30 to 90 minutes and will leave an overwhelming amount of wood chips in the area. We will be responsible for bringing back the cleanliness of the area, and we can also recycle the wood chips.

    If you have multiple stumps that you want to be removed, we can offer you multiple stumps discount as well as discounts on several services availed such as tree removal and stump grinding.

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